Janitorial Bidding Software for Your Janitorial Business Success

How can we tell if a janitorial bidding software is a good one?

The first thing you need to check is a software that is easy to use. If you will get a janitorial bidding software you can get a simple spreadsheet one or an automated query-database program. The spreadsheet software is more flexible in tailoring janitorial and home cleaning bids to your business. It will only entail a slightly more detailed initial set-up.

Setting it up initially requires entering data correctly for the first cleaning contract bid using the new janitorial bidding software. Much of the work is completed after the initial set-up. The program files can then be save and reused for the next bidding on new cleaning services contracts; you simply need to make a few adjustment to the figures in the spreadsheet. These are less expensive than other programs but they are also less automated. To find a good spreadsheet based programs, you simply need to search the internet with the phrase janitorial spreadsheet bidding software.

What you need to do when you find a website selling software is to read the cleaning software description and check out their sample spreadsheets. It only takes reading the software description to understand how to use the program and to determine what else needs to be learned. Vendors will always claim that their software is easy to use. The fastest way to market a software is to say that it is easy to use. The one distinct advantage of spreadsheet programs is that anyone with excel skills can learn it quickly. If you are not proficient in entering data it is most likely that there is someone who knows or can learn to do it quickly. Just always remember to save and back up your files.

Check on the features of the software program. The best software program includes the following features. For more info about janitorial software, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/09/carlos-toro-dea-informant_n_7019466.html.

It is capable of making custom janitorial bids, prepared with detail and precision. Their spreadsheets or program account files can be saved and modified at a later data. It should be able to include overhead data into the bid. It is capable of including janitorial supplies cost data into the bid. It is capable of including workloads for different cleaning tasks into your bid. It should include production rates for cleaning tasks for different cleaning areas measured in terms of square feet into the bid. It should have a bid summary sheet for each customer or account. Get a bidding program that includes an editable sample janitorial proposal template. There should be charts and tables that are able to help you find the correct production rate or workload factors.

Janitorial bidding software that has the features above will give you the most flexibility when it comes to preparing precise cleaning bids for residential and commercial customers.